Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Here A.J. and resident dog Rocket, perform another stunt in a commercial shoot. Of course once again showing that A.J. was on the right path to "rehabilitation".


  1. I,m looking at your pictures and your life you re willing to show and i despise all those people who make it a joy to destroy anything that they don t understand
    You represent a win in the world of DIFFERENT
    I would love to do what your doing...we have a lot in common.I m so glad your doing it. .
    Please don t lay down too many people are looking at you and need you.
    Keep smiling they ll never take your souls.
    Your dogs and parolees will protect you

  2. She's absolutely RIGHT. I KNOW you,your family and your crew, work 24/7 and tirelessly. We NEED MORE folks like YOU in the world Tia !!! KEEP IT GOING as long as you can but remember to take CARE of YOURSELF! I know you and I are kindred spirits and would be great FRIENDS. Keep up the good work Gal !