Saturday, March 6, 2010


Give or take a few dollars. Yes once again the justice system at the Lancaster courthouse is going "cowboy". They've raised my husband's bail for once again NON-VIOLENT CHARGES. So while Lancaster was wasting taxpayer's money, this is what was going on right here in my hometown....please note the bail amount.......$500,000!!!


  1. This is ridiculous and just another way that the DA's office is abusing their power entrusted to them by the people.

    There are bail schedules that are supposed to determine how much bail is.

    Obviously, the powers that be (not to get all conspiracy theory on you) must be colluding together to make it impossible for AJ to get out.

    Perhaps the goal is to make sure AJ goes out in a body bag and Tia get a large settlement after this goes public like what happened in BOTH Bakersfield and in Orange County a few years ago.

    In both those cases, the families received large settlements and the counties were publicly embarrassed, but that doesn't bring back the loved one.

  2. Tia, this is outrageous - can you post contact information where I can send letters / emails in support of AJ? xo Mary T.

  3. Hey Tia,
    I have sent you a few emails know I will help you & AJ. Let me know what you would like far as putting the word out, letters of support, etc. I featured your blog on mine- here is the link:

    will also be posted to my facebook fan page and twitter. My yahoo group is a GREAT place for support, information and networking with others going through very similar situations. Lots of FACTS members and just good people! Please consider joining forces with us...Together WE can!
    In Support
    Carol Leonard

  4. This is so sad. :( I know that it is LA's policy not to strike out people for nonviolent/nonserious crimes, but I have heard about it still being held over people's heads to get a plea deal. Very misleading policy! You and your family will be in my prayers! I am w/FACTS and know that you filmed at a recent meeting. So great that you have a venue to bring attention to this awful, abusive law.

  5. I just want you to know that I am so so sorry for you that this has happened. I wish there was something that I could do. My prayers are with and have been with you, thats for sure.
    It seems to me that the law is only interested in going after the innocent and letting the guilty go. I have seen it left and right myself. They dont let you redeem yourself.

    I know this next part is about the dogs... but would it help if you "adopted" the dogs out finacialy while they are waiting to be adopted out to a new home? What I mean is, if each dog had 2 adoptors that would send in money each month to help cover food, toys, things like that.... Its such a small amount for one individual to pay for half the care of one dog, but its such a large amount for one person (you) to cover it all.

    There are so many of us who are in your corner, surely there will be enouph of us to help. You can have a site that tells who the financal adoptors are and mabey say one little thing about how they are doing or some silly thing they did, reported by the month. I think to spend to much time on it is asking a lot because there are so many dogs and so little time, but monthly would meke the people feel not forgotten. I know I would love to do tht for one of your dogs! I dont have very much, but Icould send half the amount every month to care for one.

    If something like that would work.... maybe you will have a little more to put towards your husband? To help him with?

  6. Feoras Fire thats a great idea and I hope Tia thinks about your suggestion I would be willing to do the same. I am a groomer from Maryland but would love to sponser one of Tia`s dogs. I give to the SPCA monthly but always feel like I wanna do more.I watch the show faithfully every Saturday and Tia I think your an amazing woman for many reasons I hope you do consider this im sure theres many people out there that would help.

  7. If you go to her website, you can sponsor a dog while its still at the rescue center!! check it out!!

  8. Dear Tia,

    You are an inspiration!!!! Keep fighting for AJ! I am an inmate in a Texas Maximum Security prison, serving a 99 year sentence for my crime (I'm told by many that my sentence was also unjust for what my crime was). It is wonderful to know that there are people in the outside world who stand by their loved ones through the thick and thin. Stay strong!

    May 2011 be a year of fresh beginnings and opportunity to you, your family & loved ones, and of course every single last doggie at Villa Lobos!


  9. Tia,I wish you the best with your husband and yourself.I bet I can guess what happened AJ took the blame for somebody else you have a large amount of property they just don't get it?My man is an ex convicy he has problems all the time .He is not a preditor.Does not have to register every cop knows him and its sad.My thoughts will always be with you and your man good luck!

  10. Can you provide us with some details on how AJ got out of the Aryan Brotherhood? As I'm sure you're aware, you can't leave alive. It is part of their doctrine.

  11. Why would you think information like that would be posted here? I mean really now....think about it. I can tell you this, my partner also got out of the AB. The how and why is NOT important, only that he did.

  12. Wow what a coincidence! Show of hands, how many followers of this blog have gotten out of the Aryan Brotherhood themselves or a family member has?

    Just post "I" if so.

    I'm glad AJ woke up "racism is the pits"!

    Good luck in Kern County!

  13. Full support for FREE AJ from his fans in
    Holland (Europe)
    What a stupid 3 strikes law you have,
    its not fair & Laws like that make people do
    horrible things to prevent capture for a minor
    crime because they can get locket up for Live.

    Just like the US weapons laws: In the US
    every criminal has a weapon.
    In Europe weapons are strictly forbidden
    and so we have not many armed crimes
    . Greatings Harry

  14. What is going on with AJ? I haven't heard anything recent?

    Lady Painter

  15. Keeping AJ & you and yours in my prayers as usual hun. I've been in your situation and know how hard it is. Caught tonights show, sorry 'bout the permits. I'd like to thank you for all the hard work you do. Take care of that huge heart & Walk In Beauty, Wind.

  16. Tia I think you are a wonderful person,mother,wife,boss and friend... I lost my husband June 7,2009 and man my world stopped for a long time...You are a Strong woman and make other woman want to be as Strong as you for AJ what they are doing is soooo freakin wrong and you and him and ur faimly at the rescue center will always be in my prayers..

  17. Well it's been a while since the last comment and still no answer's. Still curious what is the current status on AJ? Is his case still up in the air or has it finally gone to court and been decided? Tia if you could update all your supporters. Thanks....

  18. Are CA and WA the only 3 strike states? The 3 strike law in WA are supposed to be violent crimes but as I'm sure most of you know if you are not able to afford to retain a private attorney and the guys running the program take a dislike for you, you can kiss your butt goodbye. Most that join "law enforcement" are the worst criminals under their suits.

    1. Police now days take the law into their own hands it seems; and 99 o/o of them are all alike . In the late 70's I was a live in housekeeper/babysitter for almost a year . 3 days after I quit, I went over to return the keys. Since no-one was home, I put them in the mail slot. A neighbor who was a policeman called the station to report my breaking in the house. I had to go to the station and explain why I supposedly "broke in" like the neighboring officer said . I was infuriated to say the least . DUH !

  19. Tia,
    I am sorry about your husband., I know how it feels to have the DOC doing everything they can to keep someone you love in prison at all costs. I think it's bullshit that AJ was taken in like he was and to try to lock him up for life on made up changes is crazy! My husband was in prison for almost 14 months, which included a military style Boot Camp. He was allowed to come home on what's called Intensive Supervised Release only to be taken back in on a bullshit change barely 3 months later. They don't want to rehabilitate these guys, they wanna ruin their lives and keep them in prison. My husband is being held in County Jail for god know how long until all this crap gets sorted out. I have a good Lawyer, but even that doesn't really mean much. He received bail, but the DOC placed a hold on him so if I were to go post the bail, that would then allow them to come snatch him up and take him back to prison. I think the whole justice system is screwed no matter what state you reside in. I totally suppoert what you do. I have a pitbull of my own, a blue fawn named Diesel. He is 13 weeks old and just a sweetheart. I have him in training and my goal is to get him certified as a service dog so he can go visit sick kids and others in hospitals and homes. Please send out an update on what is going on with your husband. I think something majorly needs to be done because there are so many people in prison that don't need to be and I just think there are better ways to rehabilitate people other then locking them in cages! You are amazing, keep doing what you do! I am curious, what made you move to New Orleans? Never been there myself, but someday when my husband is finally free we will visit.
    Thanks, Erika

  20. Just because they found a stolen item on the property does not mean A.J. should have gone to jail. I don't believe they ever tried to find the thief. They just knew A.J. was on parole ; and due to the fact that it was on Villalobos property he was a easy "mark" . It saved them the headache of trying to find the real thief . THAT IS PURE LAZINESS !

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